How Great Is Your Tea/Coffee Knowledge?


For most of us,our good day begins with our good cup of tea or coffee, without which kick-starting our daily routine seems almost impossible.

Something in the aroma refreshes our minds and energizes our thoughts that helpus to welcome our new day brightly,leaving behind the weariness of yesterdays for the good.

Also, not to forget that unique taste blended with 'pleasant bitterness', whichkeeps us gofor it more and more,where with each drink the eagerness only gets increasing and if not for the caffeine restrictions we can have these any number of times a day, which every ardent tea or coffee lover would not deny!

But, despite having this tea/coffee for these many years,how knowledgeable are you on this subject?

Leave about the history, geography of the industry at least, do you have any idea about the different types available in the market currently and their subsequent background?

If not,you can discover here some of the popular types availablein both these drinksvarieties and understand, how the tea/coffee business is growing extraordinarily to satisfy the then taste buds of the people remarkably Espresso coffee .

Popular Coffee TypesEspressoEspresso coffeeremains the foundation for most other beverages, which is nothing but the highly concentrated black coffee obtained by forcing under pressure the near boiling water through the ground quality coffee beans that offerthat thickly brewed coffee variety that is strong in both aroma and the flavor spectacularly. In fact, the name espresso denotes the speed in which the coffee is brewed and servedwhen compared tothe other coffee types that adopt slower brewing process.

If you learn to make a good cup of espresso then, you are ready to open a coffee shop because, with this,as the base,you can create various coffee varieties like the café latte, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto and so on and keep amazing your customers greatly.Café LatteIf you wish your coffee to be less bitter then, go for this café latte type, which is nothing but the perfect blend of espresso, steamed milk and the micro-foam that gives the sweetness to the coffee and make it enjoyable for those who love non-bitter coffees.CappuccinoThis coffee type is somewhat similar to the café latte variety, where the only difference is the amount of foam added to the coffee and it is higher in this cappuccinovariety thatmakes many milk-infused-coffee lovers go gaga over it, any day!CortadoAgain,this is a milk-infused coffeevarietybut, the warmth of the milk decides the flavor here.

Yes, although the consistency of the milk and the foam added is similar to the café latte variety, the temperature of the milk used hereis a little cooler and therefore, it is something intermediate between the hot coffee and the iced one and good to go for anybody in a hurry to have a warm cuppa.


Popular Tea TypesEnough for the coffee-lovers, now, we are here to enlighten the ardent tea-lovers like you regarding the popular varieties available in your favorite beverage so that you can enjoy each new day with each new cuppa of your favorite beverage,enthusiastically.

Black TeaTo manufacture black tea, which is a strong tea variety, the manufacturers pick up the young fresh leaves and then, oxidize them heavily and brew them up into a stronger variety to perfectly suit the taste buds of the strong-tea lovers.

This black tea is commonly divided into two categories known as the broken leaf and the full leaf category, where the former is said to be brisker than the latter that is caused by the breaking of the leaves into smaller particles during the processing.


White TeaThis least processedtea variety is said to be least oxidized too when compared to the other tea varieties. When a white down also known as bai hao appears on the shoots, the leaves are picked and then allowed to wither and dry to obtain the desired oxidation and flavor, which requires strict processing measures from the manufacturers.

Due to the subtle flavor and the elegant taste, this tea variety is gaining popularity and that is why even the countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka have started showing interest in producing this white tea variety greatly.

Green TeaThe lack of oxidation provides the gorgeous green color to this tea variety, for which the tea leaves are heat-processed, where the Chinese follow the roasting or pan-firing method of heat-processing to prevent the oxidation and the Japanese follow the steaming method of heat-processing to prevent the oxidation making it more delicate when compared to the Chinese method of green tea preparation.