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We have something and more than something for every ardent coffee and tea lover in this world, which you can discover what by carefully going through our list of products mentioned below.Our Tea Products

Black TeaWe know, how mostof you can even stay without drinking water but not without drinking your favorite black tea and it is for the ardent black tea lovers like you, we offer the following black tea varieties so that you could begin and end your day with each new variety,pleasantly.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Assam Black Tea

Keemun Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

Yunnan Black Tea.All our black tea varieties are available both in the form of tea bags and loose leaf tea, suiting to the convenience and the taste-buds of the tea lovers around the globe.

Green TeaWe care for your health and that is why we take great care in producing the perfect green tea for your perfect health so that without compromising your love for tea and your desire to stay fit you can enjoy our green tea varieties any day and every day!

Sencha Green TeaMatcha Green Tea

Tencha Green TeaAgain, all these are available both in the form of tea bags and loose leaf tea and hence, pick whichever suits you and your lifestyle.Our Coffee ProductsOnly the coffee lovers would understand, how the finest aroma is necessary tokick start the daycheerfully and we promise,our coffee products are manufactured and sold in a specially designed package that retains the freshness of the aroma so that it can be utilized rightly to start your day rightlyand freshly!

Espresso CoffeeIf you are an ardent fan of this highly concentrated coffee version then, you must try our espresso coffee products made with100% Arabica coffee beans that come in various strength anddesired caffeine amount so that you get the desired punch required to make the desired start every day!

Flavored CoffeeDo you like your coffee flavored? Then, you must try our flavored coffee varieties,a whole new world of mix and match, which you have neither heard of or tasted before!